Thunder Chocolate

The all popular Thunder Chocolate

There has been a recent craze for a certain chocolate in Taiwan.
The “Big Thunder Chocolate” has been a real hit in all parts of Taiwan in recent weeks.
So what exactly is this Chocolate?


The Black Thunder Chocolate bar is a chocolate bar manufactured by
the Yuraku Confectionery Company in Japan. It is a candy bar that was developed
with a dark cocoa-flavored cookie pieces mixed with Japanese rice puffs,
coated with dark milk chocolate.

The cookie bar has a heavy texture as it is pressed relatively flat on
five sides, with an uneven surface at the top of the bar.

What makes the cookie bar stands out is the rich coating of
dark milk chocolate. The chocolate is exceptionally strong and consumers
love it very very much.



Another reason why the Big Thunder Chocolate is such a craze is
due to the influence of one of Japan’s finest atheletes,
gymnast Kohei Uchimura.

Kohei Uchimura is a gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympics
in the gymnastic competition. Prior to competing in the competition,
Mr Uchimura revealed that the Black Thunder Chocolate bar was his
fuel of choice before going out to compete. Since then, the Thunder
Chocolate bar became well known and have seen a huge demand for it.

It is named Thunder as a mean to give the product an impact among consumers,
while also with some bit of influence from the Japanese god of thunder.

The slogan of the chocolate bar is to allow consumers to be able to
enjoy some Delicious chocolate taste like a flash of thunder.