Pocky Day 2014


It’s been 48 years since Pocky was introduced to the world by Ezaki Glico. Starting from simple chocolate-coated biscuit sticks, the snack has branched out to having almond coatings, strawberry coatings and more. Today, the product line has countless variations with different seasonal flavours. For example, past summer flavours include coconut, pineaple and mango, while winter had seen cocoa powder coated chocolate as well as rum and raisin.


There is one special day that Pocky is king of the snack world where people all over the world celebrate Pocky Day on 11 November (11-11). This is similar to Pepero Day (pepero’s the Korean version of Pocky), where Korean middle school girls started the tradition of gifting each other a box of these long chocolate coated sticks to wish one another to grow ‘as tall and slender’. Nowadays Pocky boxes are exchanged amongst not only friends but also young couples on 11 November.

As an exclusive offer on 11 Nov 2014, just mention Pocky Day to our cashier at our retail outlets and get 10% off all regular priced Pocky and Pretz



This year, Glico is celebrating Pocky Day on a whole different scale! They are attempting to set a Guinness World Records with Pocky (and Pretz, the cousin of Pocky) photos and you can participate too. Simply take a photo of a Pocky stick (artistically, or with you in the photo) and upload to the official website. If you would like to participate in this historical event, be sure to visit the official Glico Pocky website for more information.



And if you are looking to buy yourself or your loved ones a gift for Pocky Day, ShiokJapan is where you should be at. Here, we have seen more than 30 flavours in and out of our stores. Ever popular are the matcha (green tea) and strawberry flavours. More than just the regular Pocky, we also carry the Giant Pocky range (in which yubari melon chocolate coating and rainbow flavours are exclusively available) and the Pocky MIDI range – a deluxe version with a whipped chocolate layer beneath a smooth outer chocolate layer! Be sure to check out our online store catalogue for the widest range of Pocky flavours available island wide!