Tokyo Banana

A sponge cake

A scrumptious sponge cake containing delicious banana cream is usually what comes to mind when Tokyo Bananas are spoken of.
However, Tokyo Banana actually comes in the form of biscuits (Gaufrette), cookie (Syally Mate) and a pie as well.

Tokyo Banana Gaufrette


The Tokyo Banana Gaufrette is a wafer-like biscuits with the
trademark Tokyo Banana fillings, which melts in your mouths.
The biscuits are extremely crunchy and are round in shape.
Each box contains 10 pieces. 5 chocolate flavours and 5 plains.

Tokyo Banana Syally Mate


The Tokyo Banana Syally Mate cookie is a cookie filled with Banana white chocolate as well as Banana milk chocolate taste. The chocolates are sandwiched in between the thin cookies.



Tokyo Banana Pie



The banana scent in the Tokyo Banana pie is not as strong as the original Tokyo Banana sponge cake. It is also not as sweet. This Tokyo Banana Pie is crispy and is perfect for coffee and tea.


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