Shelf Life of Products

Due to the varied shelf life of our products, we will try our best to ensure that our products are of the freshest and fit for consumption as governed by local laws (Singapore). Once products reach their best by dates, We will pull products off our shelves even though they have not reached expiry by the manufacturer’s standard.

Can I consume the product after ‘expiry’

The date on almost all of our products is known as shōmi kigen (賞味期限) which means ‘best by’ or ‘best consumed by’. Japanese law recognizes that this does not mean the product cannot be eaten as soon as the date is passed. So the products are usually still safe to eat shortly after their best by date. However, Singapore law does not differentiate between ‘best by’ and ‘expire by’ so we do not sell products beyond their best by dates and recommend that customers consume the products as soon as they can to enjoy the best experience.

What do the Japanese words いただきます in your logo mean?

Pronounced i-ta-da-ki-ma-su, literally translated as ‘I humbly receive’, this phrase is to Japanese cuisine what bon appétit is to the French. It means ‘Let’s Eat’, and here at ShiokJapan!, we fully live by that!

The product I want is sold out! Help!!!!

The reason why we do not keep too much stock is that we would like to offer our customers the freshest available products. We strive to import our products regularly so that you can enjoy them almost like they were just produced in Japan. If you need/crave/desire/absolutely must have something urgently, please do not hesitate to let us know via email here and we’ll make it our life’s mission to fulfill it.

How may I receive my order?

Please view our delivery and returns page here.

Why do you not have <insert name of item here>?

Please drop us an email here to let us know what you’d like to see in the store, and we’ll try our best to satisfy your craving.

I wish to purchase your product but I’m not located in Singapore.

Please view our delivery and returns page here.

I accidentally placed an order online despite the warning that you do not ship overseas

We will cancel your order and refund any payments made less S$1.00 administrative fee.

I want to ask you something, how can I do that?

Please contact us via our email or address here.

Do you have any discounts for bulk orders?

For orders more than SGD$600, ShiokJapan! is glad to provide more favorable terms. Please do not hesitate to contact us here to discuss your order. ShiokJapan! reserves the right to reject and refund any orders at our sole discretion.