Potato Farm – Imo & Mame

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Contains 6 packs per box

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Product Description

From a famous potato farm in Hokkaido, where the perfect climate breeds perfect potatoes, ShiokJapan! brings you these perfect いもまめ potato chips.

Imo & Mame is the latest addition to the Potato Farm series of potato chips. Using edamame (immature soybeans) from the prefecture of Tokachi in Hokkaido, they undergo a freeze-drying process that makes them crunchy. Potato Farm comes up with more ways for us to enjoy our potatoes: these crisps are of course made from frying Hokkaido potatoes at a low temperature, and are seasoned with Hokkaido Marudai soy sauce – made from 100% luxury Hokkaido-grown soy beans. Its flavourful taste and light texture makes you want to eat more!