Tokyo Banana Heart – Maple Banana (8 Pieces)


Fixed weekly delivery
Best consumed within 7-10 days from production

Product Description

Tokyo Banana Heart Maple Banana (東京ばな奈 ハート メープルバナナ味) is one of the newer flavours from Tokyo Banana. 8 pieces of sweet banana maple syrup flavoured sponge cake in a lovely packaging highly suitable as a gift on special occasions.

Ingredients: maple banana cream (starch syrup, banana paste, sugar, low fat milk powder, banana puree, vege oil, egg yolk, maple sugar, wheat flour, gelatin), egg, sugar, wheat flour, vege oil, dried egg white, processed starch, seasoning (amino acid), emulsifier (contains soy) flavoring, raising agent, sorbitol, coloring (caramel, red yeast, carotenoid), acetic acid (Na)